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Rockefeller Zone: Business Setup Consultant In Dubai

A big name in UAE for company formation & business consultancy. We are in the market with a vision to aid entrepreneurs to successfully accomplish their business plans.

Rockefeller Zone is dedicatedly working with UAE freeZones and mainlands authorities and navigating startups with all important steps to choose best suitable structure and location for business setup in UAE.

Our team of experts with their continuous availability and best knowledge is always ready to consult you to make wise decisions.

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About Rockefeller Zone

Business Setup In Dubai

RFZ makes business setup in Dubai easy, fast and affordable. Unlike in the past, your presence was essential to activating your business in Dubai.

However, RFZ solved this issue for outsiders. Now you can register a company in Dubai without hesitation and no need to show your presence. Best part is the entire process hardly takes less than 24 hours.

Yes, it is true. Just you have to provide us with the required information about opening a company, and we'll take care of the rest. RFZ undertakes all legal processes according to the law of Dubai.

If you are running a business in another country or want to setting up business in Dubai, then you need daunting documentation. Don’t worry we will help you at every stage in terms of handling complex paperwork.

The most important stage is the selection of the right Trade License for the right business. Its most important and critical step of acceptance and rejection of your business.

RFZ has an in-depth understanding of the dos and due to in-hand experience RFZ helps you to avoid common traps which leads to failure in business registration. Certain businesses need to obtain approvals from certain authorities.

Our team will help you obtain these approvals after studying your business in detail. And make this process easy and approvable.

Within 30 days of the employee's entry into Dubai, private employers can apply for residency visa status for their employees.

Bank setup for overseas companies is a little problematic. Before approaching a bank of choice, you need to check several boxes to ensure that everything is in place before you approach them.

We are fully experienced in setting up businesses in Dubai and are confident about the process. You don't have to worry about anything, just reach out and we will surely help you in all areas of your business.

  • Customer and company KYC
  • Company profile analysis
  • Documentation screening
  • Compliance analysis

Why Our Consulting

With over intensive experience of helping different businesses established a successful setup , we will give you all the guidance you need every step of the way. We give you a supportive team mixed with strong ethics.

Our Clients are our Priority

Your time, plans, and resources are our priority and we value that with the utmost respect by showing you that we care. And we prove that to you by executing every company formation and its process as if it were our own dream.

Helping Businesses World Wide

Trade Licenses
% Satisfaction
Happy Clients

Company Formation In Dubai

Through our extensive experience in setting up business in Dubai successfully, we will provide you with every piece of guidance you require. We will deal with the regulatory part of the company formation in Dubai. We will dialogue with the authorities to decide the most reasonable trade license dependent on the facilities and service areas you want to deliver.

UAE Bank Account

Let us handle the hassle of setting up your bank account so you can control your funds with ease

Vat Registration & Filing

Leave the paperwork and UAE VAT rules to us. We will fill you in with VATs are applicable and what’s not

Accounting & Auditing

We can support clients who do not have a bank account to manage accounts payables

Assets Protection

Registering the assets in the company can become the best solution for asset protection

UAE Residency Visa

UAE visa has been categorized into categories so it suitable according to the person applying for it

Corporate Legal Advice

We helps you resolve any internal conflicts between shareholders or partners

  • Corporate Legal Advice Rockefeller Zone
  • Corporate Legal Advice Rockefeller Zone

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a business in UAE can seem complex but that’s why we are here to help. Here is a quick overview on the steps to register for a company in UAE

  • Choose a business activity
  • Finalize your company’s name
  • Get all the paperwork done
  • Process your business emigration card
  • Apply for visa
  • Apply and receive business license as per your business activity
  • Open a bank account

The share capital requirement in UAE is the amount of money invested by the owners in exchange for shares. Company directors usually tend to be shareholders of the company. Free zones have their own minimum share capital. You can visit our free zone pages f or contact us directly for more info.

To open a bank account in UAE, you must have the following:

  • Professional CV – this must include your work experience and business experience in the last 5-7 years minimum. Your professional work experience must match the business you plan to open in the UAE.
  • Utility Bill – issued in the last 3 months at max. This is to verify your address.
  • Personal Bank Statement for each shareholder for the past 6 months
  • Corporate Bank Statement for the past 6 months
  • Corporate Document that shows proof ownership for your existing company
  • Business Plan that includes all activity of the business - financial plan, brief business development plan, potential clients, suppliers (if it’s a trading company) and partners, and the background of the management team.

UAE local sponsors are shareholders in mainland companies. UAE local sponsors must be Emirati (UAE native).

Free Zone Company cannot conduct business in a non-free zone area without a local distributor but a mainland company can.

If you have any question for company formation... We are available

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Happy Customers

Read feedback we received from our loyal customers.

Before meeting Rockefeller Zone I was worried how and where to start my company incorporation in UAE. Since I met Rockefeller for free consultation I have clarity on my confusion and now my company and bank account is actively working.

Testimonials by Rockefeller Zone


Thank you Rockefeller for your outstanding services. Your team is highly professional & committed, they helped me for company formation, UAE residency visa and bank account. My recommendation is Rockefeller to anyone planning to form new entity in Dubai.

Testimonials by Clients of Rockefeller Zone

Boris Hunt

  • I would love to use their services for my another company formation.

    Testimonials by Rockefeller Zone



Latest From Our Blogs

Online Trading

E Commerce business in Dubai


Dubai is a center of business in the world and companies all over the world are trading through Dubai. There is no double to call Dubai the best region in the world for online trading business.
Dubai business environment is very friendly for the trading and services industries, specifically, online trading companies in Dubai are generating huge revenue by spending less. With the flow of time attraction in online business is developing tremendously and we can observe that entrepreneur around the world is getting attractive to setup business in Dubai to take the advantage of 0% taxation, However, they can operate e-commerce business by sitting any part of the world.

Why Dubai is best region for E-Commerce Business:

Being a tax-free country, well a stable economy and government policies for business, Dubai has always been better among any other tax-free part of the world.
Hub of manufacturer and services providers:
Dubai is the destination of the multinational companies in the world. Most of the top brands and manufacturers are based in Dubai to facilitate their trading and it is the best opportunity for the e-commerce companies to setup in Dubai tax-free zones to buy from them and distribute to their customers worldwide.

Ease of distributions:
A number of distributors are having warehouses and operations in UAE to facilitate online trading businesses. Online trading companies in Dubai can hire third-party distribution services to store and distribute products to the end-user. These services can be availed by signing a contract with the distributors.

Payment Gateway:
UAE banking offers payment gateway services for the online traders to receive their funds and similarly, there are some carriage companies providing all-in-one service with online plate form to promote products, product storage, and deliver to end-use with payment gateway.

How to start an online business in Dubai
Starting an online business in Dubai is very easy compared to other technical and commercial businesses. The first and more important step is to select the area where you would like to setup your online business and the second step is to produce documents required by your lawyer or business consultant.

• Step to incorporate Online Business in Dubai:
• Contact a business consultant:
• Fulfil the requirements
• Fill-up the application form and sign
• Get the E-commerce license
• Complete the procedure for residency (If required)
• Setup your company bank account
• Tie-up with a distributor
• Setup your website social media for online trading

How Rockefeller Zone Can help you for setting up your business:

Rockefeller Zone has all possible ways and sources to setup your online trading company in Dubai. We have a business specialist to guide you step by step to launch your business in Dubai and to help you to setup you’re banking.

How Rockefeller Zone can help you to find Distributor:

We have a list of distributors, and they can help you arrange your product storage and distribution. Rockefeller Zone will help you from setting up to the success of your business.

Feel free to contact us and setup a free appointment with our business lawyer.


Benefits of Setting Up a Business in UAE mainland


The visionary zeal of the UAE government has made it possible and easy for foreign investors to bring their business to UAE in a hassle-free manner. The booming economy, easy setups, and business-friendly culture have made UAE a hub for emerging and established businesses.

So if you are one of those visionary owners looking to start a business in UAE free zone, here are a few reasons why you should.

Complete Foreign Ownership
One of the top reasons to set up a business in a UAE free zone is its advantage of giving complete foreign ownership. This means that you don’t need a UAE local sponsor to start a business in UAE and any investor, regardless of nationality, has the right to this rule.

Import Export Duty exemption
This is a primary reason why international trade is popular in UAE free zones. Import and Export duties are not applicable to free zones.

Virtual Offices
Unlike the mainland, foreign investors can start a business virtually without being present in the country. They can also have virtual and remote offices.

No Tax
Free zones have zero income and corporate tax which means it's 100% tax excluded.

Efficient Immigration Process
With the most updated systems and facilities, UAE free zone’s immigration process is efficient, saves time, and is hassle-free.

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