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Asset Protection service by Rockefeller Zone

Asset protection

Since UAE has become a competitive global hub for businesses and entrepreneurs, the issue of asset protection grew in its importance. The assets that you wish to protect could include your company’s funds, real estate etc. Registering the assets in the company can become the best solution for asset protection.

Why Asset Protection is Important

Asset Protection protects the assets belonging to a certain company or individual from third party claims who tries to seize your assets. They provide financial stability and reduces the risk of losing your earned property which could be money, real estate, vehicles etc.

Asset Protection Strategies

LLC Company Formations or Limited Partnerships

LLC formation companies reap more benefits from securing the company’s assets than anything else because the separation of liabilities becomes a major playing point in asset protection. Directors and shareholders get more advantage than sole proprietors.

Asset protection trust

This type of asset protection allows businesses to remove the legal binding ownership of a particular person to an asset. For example, a person (could be a shareholder or a director) does not own some portion of the property contributed to the business and if there is no evidence of the ownership, the property cannot be taken away. This kind of asset protection is more beneficial than a will allowing business owners to keep control of their assets.

The best way to seek asset protection for businesses and companies in the UAE is to seek advice on the subject matter to an expert. Rockefeller has helped many business owners and investors in asset protection. Depending on your needs and circumstances, we can ensure that your assets are successfully protected.

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