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Benefits of Setting Up a Business in UAE mainland

The visionary zeal of the UAE government has made it possible and easy for foreign investors to bring their business to UAE in a hassle-free manner. The booming economy, easy setups, and business-friendly culture have made UAE a hub for emerging and established businesses.

So if you are one of those visionary owners looking to start a business in UAE free zone, here are a few reasons why you should.

Complete Foreign Ownership
One of the top reasons to set up a business in a UAE free zone is its advantage of giving complete foreign ownership. This means that you don’t need a UAE local sponsor to start a business in UAE and any investor, regardless of nationality, has the right to this rule.

Import Export Duty exemption
This is a primary reason why international trade is popular in UAE free zones. Import and Export duties are not applicable to free zones.

Virtual Offices
Unlike the mainland, foreign investors can start a business virtually without being present in the country. They can also have virtual and remote offices.

No Tax
Free zones have zero income and corporate tax which means it's 100% tax excluded.

Efficient Immigration Process
With the most updated systems and facilities, UAE free zone’s immigration process is efficient, saves time, and is hassle-free.

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