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Ras Al Khaimah Offshore

RAK International Corporate Center (RAKICC) RAK Offshore is a corporate registration local entity in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the emirates in United Arab Emirate. RAKICC is the only unit that helps with setting up offshore companies as well as international businesses.

RAKICC is one of the best and high-ranked registries for offshore company set up in the world. They establish:

  • International businesses outside the UAE
  • Provide asset protection
  • Help with tax planning and bank set ups
  • Act as holding companies

Why Set Up Offshore company with RAKICC

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Zero income and corporate taxes
  • No office or audit requirements
  • One of the established offshore registries in the world
  • Supports various currencies and bank accounts
  • Easy international operations
  • Asset protection
  • Highly stable jurisdiction

Activities supported in RAKICC

  • Real estate and property owning
  • Holding assets
  • General trading
  • Consulting
  • Corporate bank account opening in UAE
  • Holding the shares in other company

Cost of Setting up RAK Offshore company:

RAKICC (RAK Offshore) is one of the cost-effective free zone to register an offshore company in UAE and other offshore jurisdictions.

Paid up Capital:

Paid-up capital is 0 for RAK Offshore companies but authorities offer AED 10,000 capital in the documents which can be increased by depositing funds against the share value.

Auditing & Taxation:

Companies established in RAK Offshore can enjoy 100% tax free environment and annual auditing is not required for renewal of the company.

Shareholders and Director:

RAKICC (RAK Offshore) companies can be formed with one person as a director and shareholder. Unlike other offshore where two directors are mandatory to establish offshore company.

Information & Confidentiality:

Information of RAK Offshore companies are highly confidential with the authority and companies not listed in the domain.

Court in case of Dispute:

For any kind of dispute between the shareholders or director, an appeal can be filed with DIFC, RAK Court. The court has to be registered at the time of offshore company registration.

Registered Agent Requirement:

RAKICC companies must be registered under RAKICC registered agent. These agent are the lawyers and corporate services providers.

How to select the right services Agent:

The best way to find a registered agent is to communicate and exchange email rather than paying them on the website. Offshore company registration is easy process but getting a bank account can be challenging. At Rockefeller Corporate Services Provider we consider bank accounts to be one of the company’s most important assets, therefore we make sure our client is getting a bank account with a dedicated and trusted relationship manager from the bank.

Ras al Khaimah Offshore by Rockefeller Zone

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